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"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers



Kirk, the area you selected for our store booth this year really made the difference for us. We were in the main path of public traffic.We took twice the amount of promo items this year and ran out earlier than we had anticipated. Despite not having promo we continued to get loyalty rewards. I saw signs all around town including Churches and I think that the abundance of publicity helped towards the success.


Cindy Smith and Travis FryeSports Authority 211




My art business Kgo Designs  came to the Rockwall Freedom fest nights  for the first time ever and set up paintings to sell.  All in all it was a great experience I met a lot of  nice people, and sold many paintings. I can’t wait to attend next year.  Thanks to all who came out.


Kelly Gottuso




Kirk & Kim Lovett run a great marketing/pr & event production company.


They know the meaning and importance of local because they are local. Their company, Eventive Marketing Solutions, is located in Rockwall, Texas, right here in the DFW area that their small business serves. They serve the community well because they know the area–After all they live in it!


Rather than marketing, I would say that the Lovett’s are in the business of connecting people at the local community level–at least that’s what their local marketplaces are all about: connecting neighbors. Yes, products get sold and vendors make money and citizens get good deals on fresh food and unique, one-of-a-kind handmade items. But more than that, people come together and talk with one another and share ideas and experiences. It is a transformational event where people change from strangers into neighbors–even if they may live across town from one another. A marketplace, if managed properly as their’s are, is an event where people come together and connect. It is an event that strengthens the local community and its economy.


I had a booth at the recent first downtown Garland Marketplace held on July 20, 2013, and I can’t even begin to tell you all the things I learned from visiting with folks–the attendees as well as the vendors! For example, did you know that a teaspoon of epson salts sprinkled in the bottom of the hole before you set in the tomato will make it grow and yield fruit? I didn’t until two different people gave me that advice at the downtown Garland Marketplace!


Later I was chatting with a man and a woman at my booth, it turns out that the young man had some wild blackberry bushes the was digging up (and throwing away). The woman asked if she could come over and help him dig them up as she wanted to plant them in her back yard. Prior to stopping at my booth, they had never met before.


If your community needs an event to connect people–I recommend Kirk & Kim Lovett.


Elizabeth Berry

Blogger & Community Enrichment Supporter



Thanks my life wife and I really enjoyed doing your shows they’re the best in the area. Would hate to miss them. We had such a great turnout last time, and are looking forward to it every month.


Patrick Strambler

Warm & Cozy

In reference to our Marketplace DFW european style market events.


What a fun event in a fabulous setting.  Being surrounded by nice people just made it even better!


Neil Sperry

Legendary Texas Gardens Expert & Longtime Weekly Radio Show CelebrityIn reference to our Harbor Home & Outdoor Expo 2014




What a great turn out at the 3rd Annual Harbor Freedom Fest!  Silverleaf Resorts is proud to be part of this incredible event.  We had a great family stop by our booth and one of the children said “I wish this event was every week!”.  That is what a great event is all about, seeing the smiles, seeing the families getting ready for the fireworks and most of all being in a great atmosphere with all of the great people from the Rockwall area.  We can’t wait for the 4th Annual Harbor Freedom Fest in 2014!


Gary Spraggins

Silverleaf Resorts



Freedom Fest at The Harbor this year was extraordinary… Friends & Family gathered together to visit over 40 vendors located throughout the Harbor. Families were shopping and dining and most importantly spending time together. That is what the City Rockwall is about, Kim & Kirk and their entire team worked effortlessly and did a job well done. If you haven’t been to an event at the Harbor, please come out, you’ll be glad you did!


Dorothy Spradlin

BB&T Bank



The Auto Show that Eventive Marketing Solutions produced was awesome! I am a Scentsy representative, and I had a great day of sales. And the owners of Eventive Marketing Solutions are the best to work with, beforehand and at these shows. I love working with this company and at their events!


Michelle Pederson

Scentsy Distributor



It was such a great pleasure working with Kirk and Kim for the Freedom fest. We had a complicated arrangement to accommodate our demonstration needs and Kirk put in extra time and energy to make sure that our demonstration was a success. We have always felt like our needs as a vendor were top priority at each event. We look forward to all of our future bookings with Eventive Marketing. Thanks Kirk and Kim,



White Tiger Martial Arts



I really enjoyed your staff as well as the event itself! I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed ourselves at the 3rd Annual Harbor Freedom Fest this year! The community is awesome and we LOOK FORWARD TO RETURNING NEXT YEAR as well as participating in future events with you all! The family environment is really something to appreciate! Best show we have ever participated in along with the best STAFF ever! Most shows do not have staff that checks in routinely, or at all, to make sure vendors are “ok”. You guys working with us on the arrival time and set up, made things go so smooth! It was a pleasure! Thanks for having us!


Nicole and Al

The Gallery

I have known Kim and Kirk Lovett for over five years. We have worked together on numerous events in Forney, Rockwall, and Garland. I have found them to be creative, enthusiastic, honest and hard working. I am impressed with their business knowledge, marketing savvy, and attention to detail while always going the extra mile to accommodate the needs of their sponsors, vendors and the consumers who attend their events. I look forward to partnering with them in 2016 on new projects that will benefit and grow both of our businesses. 

Elizabeth Lawless

Adriel Publishing

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